"In every generation since the dawn of time, the seed of masculine greatness has been sown deep in the heart of each man" 

But it finds a particularly fertile home only in a few men determined to accept the challenge.


These men are the stuff history books are written about, epic works of literature are inspired in, and every era awaits the arrival of when the tide of evil and darkness threaten to crush the world.


They are men of integrity, conscience, grit, courage, freedom, self-control, and passion. But they are also strong enough to be gentle, tender, compassionate, and humble. Their hearts are filled with courage, their intellects fine-tuned to truth, their wills unmovable from their mission.


Unlike most men, they make the most out of every second. Their lives are filled with adventure, constant self-improvement, and boundless creation.


Yet, when the aggressors of the world bully or silence those who cannot stand up for themselves these same men risk it all in the defense of those who cannot.



So who are these extraordinary men? And where can we find them? 

The passage to becoming a truly great man was once known by all who dared to make the voyage.


Generation after generation, and oftentimes through sacred rituals, fathers distilled for their son's what they would have to do to follow in the footsteps of great men. It often involved a long journey up the mountain alone, many hardships, and even the possibility of death.


Returning home, however, they would be an entirely different calibre of men, kings and warriorsmen of character, courage, honor and integrity.


But today, the pathway to masculine greatness has been blocked, the signs redirected to false roads and any man who attempts the true journey finds himself ambushed along the way.


I know because it happened to me.


I'm Kyle Crosby

As a kid, I wanted to be like the Greek warrior Achilles. Before going out to battle, an oracle had revealed to him that he had to choose between living an easy and unremarkable life, but would be forgotten forever, or to live a heroic, challenging life and be remembered as the greatest warrior to ever live.


He chose death, and glory.


I too wanted death and glory, or at least to do something worth dying for.


Feeling stuck in a world of insignificance and purposelessness, it is not surprising that I had made an oath to follow my brother into the Marine Corps once I graduated. Thus like Achilles, I too could choose my fate of glory and death.


But the gods, it seems, would not accept my sacrifice.


Come graduation, I found myself headed in a very different path, one that I certainly had not wanted to choose.


"Men have been lied to and made to settle for less; much less..."

Lie #1   Only "Nice Guys" are good; everyone else is a jerk


Self-proclaimed "Nice Guys" have become convinced that their masculine power is a threat to others. They are deferential to everyone, spend their energies doing "nice" things for others, while disregarding their own needs. Fundamentally though, they are terrified of going after what they want in life, and inevitably become embittered with life as "life" does not repay them for their "good deeds."


Lie #2    Real men are Alphas; and everyone else is a weak Beta 


"Alphas" most often build their self-assurance around external things, such as success with women, business, etc. While becoming more assertive, speaking your mind, and going after what you want in life can be extremely freeing, especially for those who were previously "Betas," this notion is extremely flawed, especially because their confidence is more external than internal, and it lacks a deeper foundation and a timeless moral code.


The problem is that in both cases, men are living at only a fraction of their purpose and potential.


Yes, men have been lied to, and have been lying to themselves...



Brother, are you living Fully Alive?

Philosophers, great Kings, and leaders have all known the way for millennia. It is the third way, the way of great men.


I am on a mission to uncover how they balanced strength and integrity, assertiveness and compassion


Join me on my quest to discover the ancient secrets of becoming a Man Fully Alive!

My Bio

And Why I Can Help You

  • 11 Years as Monk, brought me into contact with the sources of ageless wisdom and masculine spirituality that has taught and inspired men for centuries and even millennia. 

  • Over a Decade of Research, starting with a Master's in classical philosophy from a university in Rome, followed by years researching for answers in online courses, 1x1 coaching, and countless philosophy, psychology, self-help and literature books.

  • Tested in Crisis. Everything that I teach has been rigorously tested in the midst of an international crisis of epic proportions. I personally have encountered near complete failure in my life as a result. More importantly than starting over financially and socially, I needed to start over with my entire belief system.

  • Results Oriented Approach The only theory I am interested in is what actually works. As a result, all of the theory I present is driven towards action, towards helping men actually achieve greatness in their lives and become the men they aspire and were meant to become. 

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